2023-2024 Advanced Acting Company

CTM’s Advanced Acting Company (AAC) is a concentrated, year-long training program for passionate and dedicated actors in grades 7-12. 

As a member of the Advanced Acting Company, you will:

  • Gain professional actor & theater training in a variety of disciplines 
  • Learn from a variety of theater professionals in technique based workshops
  • Develop expertise in the audition, casting, rehearsal, and performance processes
  • Serve as an ambassador both at CTM and in the larger Madison theater community
  • Build a strong ensemble with your peers in a small group environment

Class Times:

  • Sundays, 11:00am - 1:00pm
    • October 1 - December 10 (no class Nov 26) – 10 sessions 
    • January 14 - March 10 – 9 sessions  
    • April 7 - May 19 – 7 sessions 

Cost: $1,400

  • Financial Assistance and Payment Plans Available!


  • The deadline has passed for 2023-2024.


- American University, Musical Theater
- Eastman School of Music
- Ithaca College
- The Julliard School
- University of Minnesota
- Muhlenberg College, Theater and Dance
- New York University Tisch School of the Arts
- Northwestern University
- University of Notre Dame, Vocal Performance
- Oklahoma City University
- Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts
- University of Wisconsin Madison

LAETITIA HOLLARD (Academy Classes 2016-2019)

BW head shot6How has Actors Academy prepared you for what you are currently learning or doing?

I've decided to become an actor, so training before my college auditions was very helpful. Not only was I introduced to what monologues are and how to perform one with a mix of self and technique, through the talkbacks with working actors I was able to see what capacity I wanted to pursue this craft.

What was your favorite part about being in Actors Academy?
My favorite part of being in Actors Academy was the community. You'll find a group of young actors that understand you, want to grow with you, and watch you succeed. I've found a strong group of friends that helped me survive high school and are still there for me as I try to survive college. 

KATELYN CURTAIN (Academy Classes 2013-2015)
K Curtin 3
How has Actors Academy prepared you for what you are currently learning or doing?

I was in Actors Academy because I knew I wanted to act in the future. I didn’t realize at the time that I would end up going to school for acting and the monologues and scenes that were chosen for me would follow me through college. (Academy) prepared me in ways I couldn’t imagine. It gave me materials to work on and it showed me a how to teach an acting class as well.

What was your favorite memory from Actors Academy?
My favorite memory was doing my monologue from The Seagull and the teacher had me run around the room and move blocks just to feel the sense of tired that Nina may have felt in that moment. After that, I delivered my monologue to the class, and it is a moment I will always remember in my acting training.

What was your favorite part about being in Actors Academy?
The community of actors was also super supportive. No matter what we were going through we had that group to lean on.



IMG 2802




 Top Row (L to R): Shay Roy-Lewis, Basil Keck, Wyatt Anderson, Zoë Littlefield, Teagan Kluetzman, Julia Nietzel, Emma Collins
 Bottom Row (L to R): Ava Kietzman, Reese Johanningmeier, Belinda Akale, Josie Petroff, Joy Kirk, Brock Johnson








 Top Row (L to R): Emma Collins, Eleanor Treinen, Wyatt Anderson, Dalaney Lange, Sofia LoConte
 Bottom Row (L to R): Molly Geraci, Joy Kirk, Teagan Kluetzman, Amelie LaBarre, Kamaria McGinn




Academy 2021


 Top Row: Amelie LaBarre, Yunna Gopan, Allison Smith, Phoebe Wrycha
 Second Row: Jeana Bormett, Ellie Dillenberg, Ruby Hlathein, Ayanna Vandewalle
 Third Row: Delaney Lange, Mona Iskandar, Gracie Halverson, Miranda Garcia-Dove
 Bottom Row (L to R): Zach Grasse, Seb Arora, Kai DeRubis, Eleanor Treinen



Academy 19 20


 Top Row: Miette LaBarre, Kalyn Schmit, Mari Garey, David Petty
 Middle Row: Jeana Bormett, Zach Grasse, Gracie Halverson
 Bottom Row: Phoebe Wrycha, Alexcia Johnson, Bethany Evans, Allison Horvatin
 Not Pictured: Ava Bauer, Madelyn Lom, Alec Anderson-Conlon, Brendan Moore, Ethan Reed





 2018-2019 ACTORS ACADEMY 

DSC 0134


Bottom Row (L to R):
Mari Garey, Miette LaBarre, Maya Williamson-Schaffer, Alanna Beilke, Trygve Gundersen,
Lauren Stoneman
Middle Row (L to R):
Bethany Evans, Alexcia Johnson, Alexandra Asmuth, Leanna Niesen, Allison Horvatin,
Laetitia Hollard
Top Row (L to R):

Zeke Smith, Alec Anderson-Conlon, Brendan Moore


AA 2018


Bottom Row (L to R):
Lauren Stoneman, Maya Williamson-Schaffer, Alanna Beilke
Middle Row (L to R):
Alice Wenzlow, Ava DeCroix, Leanna Niesen, Trygve Gundersen, Laetitia Hollard
Top Row (L to R):
Parnassus Funk, Chase Harless, Alexandra Asmuth, Nick Chiavarini, Alec Anderson-Conlon, Derek Argall
Not Pictured:
Libby Pleva


photo 1 Bottom Row:
Flynn Marcus
Middle Row (L to R):
Gabriella Unitan, Matthew Berthoud, Saskia den Boon, Olivia Larson
Top Row (L to R):
Cedar Meyer-Rainford, Maya Williamson-Shafer, Nolen Meland, Grant Borcherding, Alea Sweeney, Laetitia Hollard, Alice Wenzlow
Not Pictured:
Emme Hannibal, Parnassus Funk



theater academyBottom Row (L to R): 
Alea Sweeney, Emma DeWeese, Emme Hannibal, Lydia Anderson

Middle Row (L to R): 
Cedar Meyer-Rainford, Nolen Meland, Saskia den Boon, Olivia Larson

Top Row (L to R): 
Rizvan Moe, Grant Borcherding, Alice Wenzlow

Not Pictured: Katelyn Curtin