Our Mission:
CTM's mission is to spark imagination and build community through the creation and experience of theater.

Our Values:

  • we strive to create spaces where all feel welcomed, valued, and connected
  • we oppose acts of cultural appropriation or character depictions that deepen racial and cultural divides 
  • we learn from each other in celebrating our differences and finding our common beliefs


  • we expect people to work together respectfully
  • we encourage people to share their talents and perspectives through the work
  • we cherish the connections that lead to lasting relationships


  • we foster the inherent creativity and contributions of individuals
  • we support courageous exploration of new ideas, perspectives, and approaches
  • we embrace the moments that affect how people think, act, and approach the world


  • we delight in discovery and the work of creating experiences that elicit emotions
  • we believe in the importance of play and the value of courageous exploration
  • we celebrate the times when people become fully engaged in the experience of theater

Inclusion Statemen

Inclusion is at the core of CTM's policies, programs, and people as we engage in creating an environment where all feel welcome, valued, and connected. As part of our work in making theater inclusive, we oppose acts of cultural appropriation and character depictions that deepen existing racial and cultural divides. The CTM community celebrates visible and invisible differences in identity, gender expression, age, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, learning style, religion, occupation, nationality, immigration status, socio-economic status, and life experiences that span these differences.

The Land We Live on: Ho-Chunk Land Agreement

We acknowledge that CTM is in TeJope (“day-jope”) which means “Four Lakes' in the Ho-Chunk language. This is the ancestral homeland of the Ho-Chunk nation and people, who stewarded this land and built an extraordinary cultural landscape for 12,000 years until they were forcibly removed in 1832. Join us as we continue to explore ways of honoring this Ho-Chunk land and the Indigenous communities that thrive here in Madison today.

Our Work:

Children’s Theater of Madison (CTM) is a Wisconsin nonprofit organization and a Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) company. Since 1965, CTM has been a part of the cultural fabric of South Central Wisconsin, providing exceptional theater productions and educational programs for youth and families. 

Our Productions 

By casting adult and child actors in professionally produced plays, we have occupied a unique niche for decades, as Madison's premier theater for all ages. We offer productions that are specifically selected to captivate, delight, or spark dialogue for a diverse span of age ranges (from the very young, up to young adults). Our season includes a mixture of classics, new and contemporary works, and musical theater. As part of our commitment to serving all youth, we strive to put characters and stories onstage where our audiences can see themselves represented. Our student matinees offer educators the ability to engage students through the magic of theater and enhance their learning in and outside of the classroom.

Our Educational Programs

The goals of these programs are for students to develop a sense of pride in accomplishment, a greater sense of community and ensemble, and a deep connection with their own creative problem-solving skills. Our year-round educational program includes classes for pre-K through grade 12. CTM partners with community centers to provide free after-school theater programming. CTM also partners with area schools through in-school residency programs such as Playwrights for Change, a national competition for students which culminates in an annual Young Playwrights Festival and showcases new works from each school.