Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Inclusion is at the core of CTM’s policies, programs, and people as we engage in creating an environment where all feel welcome, valued, and connected. As part of our work in making theater inclusive, we oppose acts of cultural appropriation and character depictions that deepen existing racial and cultural divides.

The CTM community celebrates visible and invisible differences in identity, gender expression, age, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, learning style, religion, occupation, nationality, immigration status, socio-economic status, and life experiences that span these differences.

Purpose of EDI Committee: Working with board and staff to build capacity, structure, and culture for CTM to become an inclusive, accessible, anti-racist organization.

Why this work is important: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work is rooted in self-improvement. To be effective and sustainable, the work must be personalized. It’s about making ourselves better. “Better people make better organizations, better organizations make great communities, and great communities can change the world.” - Arlen Moss

Who we are: The EDI committee is made up of  a combination of community members, artists, educators, CTM staff members, and CTM board members.

What we do: The EDI committee meets virtually monthly, as well as occasional additional meetings. In our meetings, we discuss structural barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion as it relates to our company and theater for young audiences as an industry. Out of those discussions, we suggest and create sustainable action plans and resources for staff and board members to infuse an EDI perspective into every level of the organization. We establish yearly tasks and initiatives for the EDI committee to complete.

Our goal: Creating an institutional system in which every decision is made through an EDI lens.

Examples of ongoing projects:

  1. Collaborate with the staff and board to create an inclusion statement for the company as a guiding document for the company.
  2. Provide feedback on season planning, show selection, and educational programming
  3. Providing guidance and feedback on board committee bylaws and work plans
  4. EDI Training for board members

How to Get Involved: If you are interested in joining the EDI committee, CLICK HERE to fill out a form.