CTM’s In School Residency Program engages students through interactive theater curriculum in a collaborative and experiential way, enhancing the core values of each classroom culture and igniting an enthusiasm for learning. CTM Teaching Artists will come to your school to facilitate these workshops over the course of several visits. 

About CTM Residencies:

  • All Residencies are available for grades 4K-12 depending on the needs of your class
  • All Residencies take place in your classroom (an open space would be ideal)
  • All Residency sessions are built to take place during one class period (between 45-60 minutes)
  • A classroom is defined as approximately 25 students or less
  • For a residency that culminates in a performance or final sharing, there will be an additional administrative cost
  • All residencies are flexible and can be offered in a 3, 5, or 8 week session format.

Character Education Residency

Our Character Education residency promotes a deeper understanding of the themes of collaboration and community through vibrant theater experiences. This residency will focus on students’ social and emotional learning through the lens of Creative Drama and Theater for Social Change to help students connect to and celebrate their communities and their role within them. This residency will provide students an opportunity to share what they’ve learned through scenes and dramatic activities in a classroom context.

Residency Focus (by grade level):

  • Grade K-2: An exploration of empathy and self compassion through Creative Drama activities, stories, and dramatic play.
  • Grade 3-5: Explore empathy and community building through creative drama and storytelling, utilizing personal experiences as a means to relate to and unpack themes.
  • Grade 6-8: Explore “otherness,” empathy, and community through scene work, storytelling, and personal connections (can also apply to anti bullying).
  • Grade 9-12: Use theater for social change practices to explore social justice themes in the classroom through drama exploration and storytelling. 

Stories on Stage Residency

Our Stories on Stage program brings students into a world outside of their classroom through the process of developing characters and taking on new perspectives by utilizing the tools of an actor (body, voice, and imagination). Through writing activities (depending on age and literacy level), improvisation, and movement, students will activate and explore the world of a story and the experiences of the characters in it. There will be a culminating activity where students will play back what they’ve learned and created.

Residency Focus (by grade level):

  • Grade K-2: Use story books as a jumping off point to introduce the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, and imagination)
  • Grade 3-5: Introduce the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, and imagination) to tell folk tales with a modern twist
  • Grade 6-8: Create an original story from the imaginations of the students and utilize the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, and imagination) to tell that story
  • Grade 9-12: Creates an original story based on current events, themes of social justice, or lived experiences of the students and utilize the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, and imagination) to tell that story


For 3 sessions: $255 for the first classroom; $240 for each additional classroom

For 5 sessions: $425 for the first classroom, $400 for each additional classroom

For 8 sessions: $680 for the first classroom, $640 for each additional classroom

Do you have a different residency idea in mind? We can collaborate with teachers to create a residency connected to your curriculum. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.