CTM joined this national-level middle school residency program of American Alliance for Theatre & Education & Theatre for Young Audiences/USA in 2015. CLICK HERE to learn more about this program!

Between September and November, middle school students participate in a day-long workshop to learn basic playwriting techniques, write a 10-minute play based on a theme, and receive teachers’ feedback on their scripts. One script will be selected to represent CTM at the national-level competition as well as for a staged reading at the Young Playwrights Festival on in late April/early May of 2020. Students from all participating schools are invited to attend the daytime festival; the evening festival is open to the public.


All plays must be submitted to CTM by January 1, 2020. CTM will select one script/playwright by February 1, 2020. The script must be submitted to the national competition by March 1, 2020.


In Year 7, Young Playwrights for Change is looking for plays that Take a Stand! Sometimes in life we see examples of an individual who doesn’t take a stand for an issue or problem. Rather the individual goes along with the status quo and does nothing and the problem continues. What is it like when someone does take a stand? What kind of change may happen in an individual to give them the courage to take a stand? How could a young person make such a discovery? What could that discovery make them do differently? We are asking young people to share their stories about taking a stand.


In 2020, Emily Ge of Jefferson Middle School was named the runner up in the National Young Playwrights for Change competition. Her play "Shared Ignorance" was performed at CTM's Virtual Young Playwrights Festival. Click here to see Emily's play and the entire festival.


In 2018, Taylor Nordeng of Kromrey Middle School won the National Young Playwrights for Change competition. Her play Uprooted was performed at the AATE National Conference in Minneapolis, MN (as well as at CTM's Young Playwrights Festival). We are so proud of you, Taylor!

Read our feature in the Wisconsin State Journal!

Watch an interview with Taylor Nordeng at the AATE conference!


  1. Engage middle school students from diverse populations and explore the stories of youth from varied backgrounds and abilities; increase students’ knowledge of playwriting and support all students as they write a 10‐minute play.
  2. Provide a public forum for youth voices through playwriting, and a public celebration of original student works in a world‐class performance venue. Increase students' confidence presenting their creative work to peers.
  3. Provide mentorship and foster growth of students' self‐expression; cultivate students' perception of writing as a valuable life skill.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to learn more about bringing Young Playwrights for Change to your school.