CTM recognizes the value and importance of reflecting the diversity of our audience and community on stage and actively recruits and seeks performers of color for all casting.

STELLALUNA Youth Performer Auditions:

STELLALUNA, A musical play in 7 episodes based on the story by Janell Cannon.
Adapted by Saskia Janse.
Music by Guus Ponsioen.
Directed by Brian Cowing & Music Directed by Mark Wurzelbacher

Rehearsal starts January 19, 2021. Rehearsals will be a combination of virtual and in-person.

Performances February 27, 2021 - March 21, 2021.

For Stellaluna the actors will be split up into two groups: Voice Actors and Physical Actors. You can audition for both or individually. Guidelines below:

Vocal Actors:

Please record yourself singing the provided side. If possible record from the waste up with the track provided.

CLICK HERE for the sheet music

CLICK HERE for the sound files

Physical Actor:

The young physical actors in Stellaluna will all be puppeteers. We’d like you to find a stuffed animal, pillow, or any other object you have at home and physicalize that object acting out the given dialogue. Our puppets won’t have movable mouths, so no need to try to have the puppet mouth the words. Think about how you can give that object a personality by how you move it. Put all of your focus on the puppet. You can use the voice track or have someone else read the excerpt while you act. If possible, we’d like a full body video.

CLICK HERE for the script

CLICK HERE for the sound files

Please submit audition videos and any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 5:00pm on November 18, 2020 .



Please submit headshot & resume with title of show you are interested in auditioning for in the subject line. Please check website for updates.

Casting Information: All adult roles are paid. A limited number of out of town actors can be hired and housed for each production. Adults need to be available for daytime, student matinee performances. Please be sure to check performance schedule to confirm availability. Click here for a performance schedule.

2020-2021 Season:

Perfomances - February 24 – March 21

Peter Pan (in the Capitol Theater)
Perfomances - April 24 – May 2

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