Our Pre-Show Workshops extend and deepen your students’ experience of attending a Student Matinee performance. All workshops are centered in arts integration techniques* and incorporate Wisconsin State Arts Standards and Common Core Curriculum. At the request of the teacher reserving a workshop, the education department can design the workshop to have a particular curricular focus (i.e. writing, spelling, history, etc.)
*Arts Integration strives to blend an art form and another subject (i.e. English, Science, History, etc.) to provide a way for students to demonstrate their understanding through their art.

CTM will send a Teaching Artist, member of the Education Department, or of the production’s creative team into your classroom to lead the workshop. By inviting CTM into your classroom, students will explore how characters come to life, meaningful themes in a familiar environment, and bring the lessons of the play into their own lives and communities. Pre-show Workshops provide a unique perspective and experience in which students learn by engaging their voices, bodies, and imaginations. All workshops are designed for the age range you teach.

Classroom workshops run 45-60 minutes (depending on class period length or teacher preference) and a classroom is defined as approximately 25 students or less. Cost is $50 per classroom (approximately $2 per student).

Teachers can choose from the following types of workshops:

Character Based Workshop

  • Students will have the opportunity to explore the characters in the play through theatrical activities engaging their voices, bodies, and imaginations. These are the basic tools that actors use when creating a character.

Theme Based Workshop

  • Students will explore the themes and moral lessons of the play using theatrical activities as a way of connecting to their personal experiences.

World of the Play Workshop

  • Students will examine, explore, and bring to life the world of the play through theater based exercises and activities. This may include the location, time era, social structure, political structure, and more.

Design a Workshop

  • Is your class already engaging with the play or script? We can support and enhance the learning happening in your classroom already. Please contact CTM a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. We can tailor a workshop to your class needs.


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