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CELEBRATE A STORY - Every Monday morning, we will share 2-3 fun activities for parents to do with their kids based on a story that has been on the CTM stage. These resources were created for our Study Guides (to accompany our Student Matinees) but can be adapted to be used by parents at home.
THEATER THURSDAYS - Every Thursday morning, we will share a 6-10 minute video of a CTM teaching artists leading youth grades K-5 through a fun, up-on-your-feet mini drama lesson.

GAME DAY! - For Grades 5 and Up! Join us on Zoom for a live, interactive, 30-40 minute theater game extravaganza. Link to register is below - space will be limited.


Join us for CTM's Drama Game Day! Bring your actor's tools – voice, body and imagination – for 40 minutes of storytelling, scene building and improv over Zoom! Engage with a CTM Teaching Artist and with each other while exploring theater activities in your home!

This Week: Characters! Create a character and pitch a piece of art to the "museum curator" to be featured in their museum!

Our next Game Day is on Friday, May 29 - CLICK HERE to register!


(Posted 6/1)

ACC COVER page 0ACTIVITY #1: Exquisite Corpse - Writing Activity (grades 4 and up)

ACTIVITY #2: Banking and Loans (Grades 5 and up)

(Posted 5/25)

Good Night Moon COVER page 0
ACTIVITY #1: Nocturnal Animals (grades 4K-1)

ACTIVITY #2: Phases of the Moon with Oreo Cookies (Grades 1-2)

(Posted 5/18)

The Wizard of Oz Study Guide COVER page 0

ACTIVITY #1: Tornado in a Bottle (grades 3-4)

ACTIVITY #2: Another Take! Alternative Endings (grades 4-5)

(Posted 5/11)

Shrek COVER page 0

ACTIVITY #1: The Power of Words (grades 4K-2)

ACTIVITY #2: Fractured Fairytales (grades 1-5)



(Posted 5/4)

Frog and Toad COVER page 0
ACTIVITY #1: How Does Your Garden Grow? (grades K & Up)

ACTIVITY #2: Months and Seasons of the Year (grades 4K-1)

Diary of a Worm, a Spider, and a Fly
(Posted 4/27)

Diary COVER page 0ACTIVITY #1: Butterfly Spanish Worksheet (grades 1-2)

ACTIVITY #2: Dear Diary lesson (grades 1-2)

ACTIVITY #3: Life Cycle Science lesson (grades 1-2)

ACTIVITY #4: Midwestern Children's Diaries (grades 3-up)

(Posted 4/20)

Matilda Cover page 0ACTIVITY #1: Sweet and Sour - Comparing Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull (grades 3 and 4)

ACTIVITY #2: Storytelling and Madlibs (grades 3 and 4)

ACTIVITY #3: A Day in the Life of a British Student (grades 4 and up)

How I Became a Pirate
(Posted 4/13)

Pirate Cover Photo page 0 1ACTIVITY #1: Pirate Jobs and Puppets (grades 4K-2)

ACTIVITY #2: Geometry/art Treasure Maps (grades 1-3)

ACTIVITY #3: Treasure hunt sight words (grades 4K-2)

ACTIVITY #4: Gratitude Seeds (grades 4K and up)


Charlotte's Web
(Posted 4/6)

CHARLOTTES WEB STUDY GUIDE 2 page 0ACTIVITY #1: Word Web of Friendship (grades 2 and up)

ACTIVITY #2: Determination Stories (grades 3-5)

ACTIVITY #3: Rural and Urban Life (grades 2-3)



#8: Improv Games
(posted 5/28)

#7: Creating a Character
(posted 5/20) 

#6: Acting with Homemade Theater Masks
(posted 5/14)

#5: Blanket Fort Theater (Jabberwocky)

(Posted 5/7)

#4: Production Elements
(Posted 4/30)

You will need: a sheet, markers, construction paper, scissors, tape, flashlight, and hats/costume pieces!

#3: Name That Tune: Broadway Through the Decades
(Posted 4/23)

You will need: a way to tally up your score (your phone or a pen and paper)

#2: The Tools of an Actor!
(Posted 4/16)

You will need: your body, your voice, and your imagination!

#1: Emoji Charades!
(Posted 4/9)
You will need: paper, scissors, and markers!